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So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and experience the thrill of Batgirl animated sex for yourself!Batgirl was on patrol one night when she suddenly spotted her arch-nemesis, the Joker. She chased him through the city and eventually caught up with him at an abandoned warehouse. The Joker was waiting for her, but so was Batman!
The Caped Crusader had been following Batgirl’s movements and decided to teach her a lesson in crime-fighting. He grabbed her by the arms and threw her against the wall, demanding to know what she was doing sneaking around at night.
Batgirl tried to explain herself but Batman wasn’t having it. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off her feet, carrying her over to a nearby table. As he set her down, he told her that if she wanted to be a real hero, she needed to learn how to take orders.
Batgirl was confused but also aroused. She had always had a thing for Batman, and now he was right in front of her. He unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chiseled abs and muscular arms.
“Take off your costume,” he growled. “I want to see what’s underneath.”
Batgirl hesitated at first but then undid the Velcro straps on her cape and pulled it off. She unbuckled her utility belt and let it fall to the ground, revealing her tight leather suit.
“That’s better,” Batman said, running his hands up and down her body. “Now, let’s see what you can do.”
Batgirl was nervous but also turned on. She had never been with a man before, let alone someone as commanding as Batman. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him, kissing her fiercely.
As they kissed, Batman’s hands roamed all over her body, exploring every inch of her. He undid her utility belt and slid it off, tossing it aside. Then he unzipped her leather suit and peeled it down her arms and legs, revealing her smooth, toned skin.
Batgirl was trembling with excitement as Batman lifted her onto the table. He climbed on top of her, grinding his hard body against hers. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh, and she moaned with desire.
“Do you want me?” he asked, his voice low and seductive.
Batgirl nodded, unable to speak. Batman reached down between them and stroked himself, lubricating his penis with her juices. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed inside, filling her completely.
Batgirl moaned as he began to move, his hips thrusting in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on tight as they moved together. Batman’s eyes were closed, his face contorted with pleasure.
As they continued to make love, Batgirl felt herself building towards a climax. She could feel the waves of pleasure radiating through her body, and she cried out Batman’s name. He thrust one final time before spilling his load inside her, leaving her spent and satisfied.
Afterwards, Batman lay beside her, catching his breath. “I hope you learned your lesson,” he said, smiling.
Batgirl nodded, still trembling with aftershocks. “I did,” she whispered. “Thank you.”
They lay together in silence for a few moments before Batman got up and pulled his pants back on. “Good night, Batgirl,” he said, smirking. “Sleep well.”