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The 101 Guide to Cartoon Porn in 2020

People love what they cannot have. Those things that appear forbidden or too fantastic to become reality are the things we crave the most, at least sexually. That is why the internet is obsessed with cartoon porn.

Back in the day, cartoon porn videos and comics were a small niche reserved for the loners. Who would like to touch themselves watching The Simpsons anyway?

Well, a lot of people actually!

The tables have turned big-time since then. In 2020, cartoon porn is one of the favorite categories in the porn industry and it is here to stay.

Just take a look at these numbers:

 Cartoon porn comics or videos are searched for around 823,000 times per month in the United States alone. Roughly, 80% of those searches are made from mobile devices and over half of those horny cartoon lovers are between 18 and 34 years old.

In 2016, Pornhub recognised that the genre was having a phenomenal growth on their platform - over 80% increase in searches compared to 2013. Since then, cartoon porn has remained in the top 15 most-watched porn categories of 2019.

Both zoomers and young millennials have been heavily exposed to cartoon characters and videogames from a young age. Now that porn is universally accessible by anyone at any time, it is likely to see cartoon porn thriving for another decade, at least.

If anything, we will see more micro-niches of cartoon porn appear to satisfy the fantasies and fetishes of even more eccentric people.

Also, we are already seeing how “real porn” is trying to use cartoon and videogame elements to win back some of its audience. The set-up of “I fuck my boyfriend while he plays” is becoming popular routine. At the same time, XXX models and pornstars are using cosplay and gamer looks to draw attention from the younger viewers.

The Most-Watched Cartoon Porn Shows and Videogames

The successful formula of cartoon porn has many ingredients. One of them is the fact that they are mostly fan-made which allows thousands of people around the globe to produce and promote their content on the internet without hassle.

Videogames and television series are also doing their bit to fuel the cartoon porn industry. It is nothing new though; Pokemon, Marvel movies and viral franchises have had a deep impact on pornography.

In 2020, these are some of the series and videogames inspiring the most popular porn:

Fortnite Porn

The battle royale sensation, Fortnite, is arguably the most influential game of recent times. Its unprecedented success with teenagers and adults alike has transformed it into a global sensation. Fortnite porn, of course, is a consequence of such fame.

Fortnite porn is one of the biggest sub-categories in cartoon porn. Only in the US, there are over 550,000 monthly searches and over 79% of those are made by people between 18 and 24 years old.

Fortnite’s roster is packed with beautiful babes and thick bodies. The number of female skins added season after season keep inspiring wonderful videos, GIFs and comics showing these girls fucking and having fun.

3D porn is the most common style used in Fortnite porn. Since this style is vibrant and modern, it fits perfectly with the sexual features of girls like Lynx, Calamity, Haze or Onesie. As you see them fucking, you can appreciate all details of their naked bodies: tender pussies, sculpted breasts and bouncy asses.


Overwatch Porn

The first-person shooter produced by Blizzard introduced a fresh catalogue of heroes that rapidly gained popularity online, such as Mei, Mercy and D.VA.

Overwatch has had a hard time competing against other strong titles, such as Fortnite or Apex Legends. However, when it comes to Overwatch porn, some argue that they are right on top. The latest numbers suggest that there have been a whopping number of 2.5 million searches of Overwatch porn in the last year, only in the US. That is a lot of fapping!

The highly praised character design in Overwatch has also inspired many gamers and cosplayers. Some famous names, including Bella Delphine, use Overwatch references to create lewd content and satisfy the sexual cravings of their fans worldwide.

Nonetheless, 3D porn seems to be the favorite style in Overwatch porn too, with some of these videos having over 15 million views in platforms like Pornhub. Little things in the world can compare to watching D.VA or Mercy fucking in exquisite HD.



Rick and Morty Porn

The animated sci-fi show co-created by Justin Roiland and Chris Parnell swiftly became a sensation among both adult and young audiences. Although the show revolves around dark humour and time travel absurdity, its popularity has stirred a large amount of cartoon porn comics too.

The Smith’s are a family based in Seattle made up of Jeff (dad), Beth (mom), Summer (daughter), Morty (son) and Rick (grandad). As with any other family shows, when it comes to Rick and Morty porn, incest is one of the favorite topics.

As they travel through the multiverse, Rick and Morty frequently find alternative versions of their relatives. They may get a hard time when they are at home, however, Rick and Morty get some exquisite revenge sex while fucking Summer and Beth when they are on the road.

Blowjobs, facefuck, threesomes, mother-son and brother-sister incest are part of the sexual repertoire of these filthy time-travellers.


Family Guy Porn

Family Guy is not only a classic of American television, but it is also a timeless favorite in cartoon porn. The animated sitcom written by Seth McFarlane exposes the misfortunes of the Griffin family while they try to cope with life in the suburbs of Rhode Island.

Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian are the stars of Family Guy porn. The controversy of the show is only paralleled by the filthy behaviour of their characters which includes public sex, gangbangs, incest, MILF, anal, threesomes and much more.

The Griffin don’t miss a chance to satisfy their lustful desires. When Peter and Lois leave the house, Meg and Chris are desperate to fuck each other despite being siblings. Similarly, when the children are not around, Lois secretly invites neighbours over to blow their dicks and fuck them in every bedroom.

Due to its classic animation style, Family Guy porn comics are the most popular way of portraying the kinks and sexual adventures of the Griffin.


The Simpsons Porn

It’s impossible to talk about cartoon porn without mentioning one of its pillars, The Simpsons porn. The dysfunctional family from Springfield has been as important to American television as it has been to the adult content genre.

Thousands of cartoon porn comics and videos have been inspired by the crazy lives of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. After 32 seasons -  and counting- there are enough stories and characters to fuel the kinky imagination of fans worldwide.

The Simpsons porn comics are some of the best ever made. These stories go into detail to present provocative fetishes and fantasies, ranging from bestiality, incest and gangbangs to other exciting porn categories like interracial, anal, threesomes and lesbian.


Is 3D Cartoon Porn the Future of Adult Content?

If you have been watching cartoon porn lately, you probably noticed that the animation style is evolving. 3D cartoon porn is getting lots of attention every day thanks to its realism, exciting animation and spectacular detail.

Now that porn is based on characters with modern designs (like Fortnite or Overwatch girls), it makes sense for porn content to follow that direction too. How else could we appreciate the curves, the intensity and the naughtiness of these girls fucking?

2D porn will still be around, surely. Some cartoon porn does not need top-notch animation and hyper-realism to get the job done. However, 3D cartoon porn will continue to win a bigger share of viewership during the next years. Those videos are simply too exquisite to be ignored!

The Hottest Cartoon Porn Characters of 2020

There is nothing worst than wasting time scrolling while trying to find the sexiest cartoon characters and scenes. With so much pussy and ass flying around, how do you know which ones are worth checking?

To save you the hassle, we share our picks for the hottest cartoon characters in 2020:


  • Lynx from Fortnite
  • Tracer from Overwatch
  • Beth from Rick and Morty
  • Meg from Family Guy
  • Lisa from The Simpsons

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